Adpol are a UK based manufacturer of silicone rubber extrusions, mouldings and gaskets.

The previous Adpol website was proving difficult to maintain as some content could only be updated by editing code files directly. Hosting the website was also a problem as it was running off a Microsoft Access database which was causing performance issues.

The website was completely re-built with WordPress using a custom theme. All content was migrated to the new website and old URLs were mapped to the new URLs so that SERPs would not be affected – and previous SEO work not be wasted.

Bright Function’s rebuild of our website was done to budget and ahead of schedule. We are really pleased with the finished product and have had good feedback from our customers.

The back office system is really easy to work with allowing quick and professional uploads of new content, pictures and SEO optimisation.

We are totally happy with the end product and very pleased we chose Nick to do the work for us.

Joe Field, Sales & Marketing Director

Adpol - Silicone Rubber Extruders

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