Work and Well-Being

Work and Well-Being measures employee well-being through specially designed questionnaires.

A system was required to create online questionnaires that could be customised for each client. The collected data then needed to be manipulated using statistical analysis methods so that employee well-being could be easily interrogated for whole populations and sub-groups.

A bespoke CMS was designed and built to meet Work and Well-Being’s exact needs. Questionnaires can be created with ease and every aspect can be customised to meet the client’s individual requirements.

The data captured can be analysed in real-time and includes advanced reporting options to interrogate the data in different ways. Summaries of the results are displayed visually in pie and bar charts and all the data can be downloaded and then imported into other applications for further analysis.

The created system has evolved over time with more features and enhancements added as required.

The questionnaires are copyrighted but you can find out more about Work and Well-Being on the website:

Work and Well-Being is currently running an ’employee well-being poll’ that can be accessed from their homepage:

Bright Function combine their extensive knowledge of web design and coding with a client-friendly approach which always delivers on a reliable and timely basis.

Bridget Juniper, Director, Work and Well-Being Ltd

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