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Migrating From SQL Server 2008 Back to SQL Server 2005

It may seem unusual migrating from SQL Server 2008 back to SQL Server 2005, but believe me it is useful to know a few gotchas if you do find yourself in this position.

I tried many different ways to migrate back 2008 to 2005. The following steps are what has worked for me quite reliably, but I am sure there are other ways to go about this.

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Backup a SQL Server 2008 Database From a Shared Hosting Environment

SQL Server hosting is usually expensive so shared hosting is often used to keep costs down. With shared database hosting, and with shared web hosting, security is usually tighter and this leads to some standard functionality not being available. With SQL Server 2008 shared hosting the Back Up task is often disabled.

In this article we cover an alternative way to backup your database using the Generate Scripts and Export Data database tasks. Read More »

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