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Compare Text

It’s not always easy to see if two separate blocks of text are the same (especially when the are really long).

Enter two values to compare below and find out if they are equal to each other or not.
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Ratio Calculator

Simplify your ratio quickly without having to find the greatest common factor!





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CSV to Tab Delimited

When dealing with exported data I find myself needing to convert CSV data to tab delimited. To save me time I created this little tool to do simply that.

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Colour Swatch

Enter a base colour to create a colour swatch of lighter and darker colours.

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WordPress Backup Plugin

The WordPress plugin ‘Wordpress Backup (by BTE)’ is no longer available on the WordPress website and the author, Blog Traffic Exchange, seems to have disappeared.

The plugin still works so we’re providing a download here:

Download WordPress Backup Plugin

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Go to Line Number

Use this tool to go to a specific line number or display the current line number of the input text.


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Find Length of a String

Need to find the length of a string quickly? I often do so here is a simple form to do just that.

jQuery is used to calculate the length which means the form does not submit your input to our server – keeping your entry anonymous!


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Find and Replace

Using ‘find and replace’ when programming or working with text files can save a lot of time – especially when you get creative. For me, Dreamweaver has the most effective find and replace feature and these days it’s one of the only reasons I open the program. The ability to find and replace using line breaks and other white space characters is something that seems to have been over looked by others, for example Visual Studio.

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Disable WooCommerce Content on Shop Page

The WooCommerce settings provide an option to disable the shop page, but if you have a page called ‘shop’ then WooCommerce will still load the page using the products archive template:


This template file can be copied to your theme folder and then edited allowing the content to be changed (full details in the The Woo Themes Documentation). The file needs to be created in a folder called ‘woocommerce’ in the active theme:


This technique lets you change the content, but we wanted the page to load as if it was a normal page. To achieve this  the page content is reloaded by calling query_posts and then including the desired theme template for the page (in this case page.php):

 // override archive-product.php

 // load specific page

 // load the page template for the current theme
 include get_template_directory() . "/" . "page.php";

 // stop any other woocommerce code executing

This solution (hack) is not ideal and the problem may well be resolved in a future revision of WooCommerce.

Previously the template page was named archive-template.php and this post has been updated to the newly named archive-product.php – thanks to Nancy for pointing this out.

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Useful WordPress Plugins

Thanks to the large WordPress community there are a lot of WordPress plugins available. The downside though is that you normally have to try out a few different plugins before you find the one that meets your needs.

To save others the same pain I’ve collated the following list of plugins that I use frequently across a number of websites. Read More »

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