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Colour Swatch

Enter a base colour to create a colour swatch of lighter and darker colours.

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Indent or Outdent Text

I often find myself needing to do indent text (for SQL or a bit of CSS) and may not have an editor handy so I created this simple tool!


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What is my IP Address

We detected your IP Address as:

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Misleading ‘You have no mail’ Gmail Message While Page Loads

It’s always nice to see an empty inbox especially with the cheery ‘You have no mail. Enjoy your day!’ message in Gmail:

You have no mail!

Unfortunately though this is misleading as the message is displayed while the page is loading. This has made me laugh on a number of occasions so I’ve just believed the message and closed my email!

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Unable to Open configSource File ‘connections.config’

When specifying the location of a configuration file for a .NET console application you may receive this error:

System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: Unable to open configSource file 'connections.config'

The file was being referenced as follows in app.config:

<connectionStrings configSource="connectionStrings.config" />

I suspected that the configuration file was not being copied to the ouput debug/release folder and so could not be found when running the application. This post on BlueSam Blog shows that you can set how files are copied to the output directory of the project automatically.

By viewing the properties of a file in Visual Studio there is a property called Copy to Output Directory that can be used to copy the configuration file automatically:

This solved the problem and the configuration file was loaded!

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Creative HTML Email With Images Disabled

When reading emails I have images disabled by default as a security measure. Disabling images prevents my emails being tracked when opening and allows me to see what efforts companies go to when promoting products or services.

One example that has stood out recently is the following email from Pizza Express luring me to eat more of their glorious pizzas:

Great use of creativity and alt text in a HTML email with images disabled

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Flattering Spam Comments

Spam is always going to be a problem when running a blog and it seems the spammers have taken a friendlier tack of late. We keep getting lots of flattering comments that are unfortunately too good to be true! Read More »

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Configuring DNS Records to use Google Apps for Email

It is quite easy to set up the required DNS records to use Google Apps with your own domain for email.

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Google Checkout Unsupported Shipping Countries

When trying to configure multiple countries with shipping restrictions for Google Checkout you might encounter the the following error:

The specified ShippingRestrictions result in an unsupported shipping area.

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Hello World!

This is our first post on our new website and we thought we should stick with the default post that was created when we installed and customised WordPress. Read More »

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