Retrieve Sage Pay Third Man Fraud Results

Sage Pay have recently updated their API to allow access to ‘Third Man Fraud’ results for transactions. If you already process orders through your own website, rather than My SagePay, you can really benefit from this addition to the API.

The ‘Third Man Fraud’ checks are performed after a transaction has been authorised and can take quite a while to process. The results can be crucial though in identifying fraudulent transactions and so should always be checked.  Sage Pay already display the results along with other security checks in My Sage Pay, but if you process orders through your own website admin area you still have to check My Sage Pay for the Third Man Fraud results.

The API allows SagePay merchants to find the result of  a Third Man Fraud check for a specified transaction. This means you can add the result in to your website admin area and save having to check My SagePay all the time!

There is a lot more information about the API on the Sage Pay website with a list of other commands and a PDF file to download describing all the commands in detail:

To download the PDF file you have to register for a website account, but this does give you access to other resources as well as the  Sage Pay System Monitor which keeps you up-to-date with any issues Sage Pay might be experiencing.

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